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How much does a gutter clean cost?

How much gutter cleaning costs depends on a number of factors as no two jobs are the same. One job may cost around $100 and another job may cost over $450.

Some factors that may influence the cost of your gutter cleaning service could be:

  1. Is your house a single storey or is it a two-storey house? Two-storey houses generally cost more to clean because gutter cleaners cannot work as fast as they can on a single storey house. Gutter cleaners will also look at sloping land and hard to access guttering and base their prices on the estimated time it will take them to complete the job.
  2. Safety is another consideration. Sometimes the gutter cleaner will have to get on the roof and will need to wear a safety harness. They will work slowly on steep slopes and need to take every precaution against falling.

When you add up all the reasons why one gutter may cost hundreds of dollars more than another, the cost difference makes sense. A simple roof can be done fairly quickly while a more complex roof will take much longer to complete.

Gutter cleaners calculate their rates mainly based on their business set up.

Gutter cleaners have overheads like any other trade. They must carry both liability insurance and personal injury insurance for all their employees. They have vehicles to maintain and have more gutter cleaning materials than you might imagine, including safety gear, ladders and in some cases, they may need to install a safety net.

Their hourly rates will reflect their overheads and profits, but hourly rates won’t help you know how much cleaning the gutters of your house is going to cost. When getting quotes online, describe your guttering in as much detail as you can. If you have your house plans, you can find out how many metres of guttering you have or you may be able to measure the distance if you can do so easily.

Tell them if you have a single storey or two storey home and describe the roof configuration. For example, if the second storey is set back from the first storey, they will have to get on your roof and may need to use safety harnesses and other equipment to access the guttering.

Also tell them if your house is on a flat block or a sloping block. If it is on a sloping block, how steep is the slope?

The more details you give them will allow them to give you a more accurate initial quote. Get quotes from a few gutter cleaners and compare them, but remember you won’t get a firm quote until they have an opportunity to inspect the property.

What else do gutter cleaners do?

Gutter cleaners do more than just clean gutters. A full-service gutter cleaner can also include:

  • Clear the roof and check for damaged tiles
  • Install gutter guards
  • Repair roofs
  • Flush out the downpipes
  • Remove and dispose of leaves and other debris in the guttering
  • Give a roof condition report
  • Bird proof guttering if needed
  • Clean a ceiling cavity

These are just some of the jobs a gutter cleaner can do. Some also do window cleaning, outdoor cleaning and other outdoor jobs. Not all gutter cleaners do all these jobs, so be specific about other jobs you want done besides gutter cleaning. It will be less expensive to have one service clean your gutters and windows and do roof repairs or install gutter guards. The reason for this is because they can work on site as long as it takes to finish the job and won’t have to charge an extra rate for travel and setup time.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

How often you need to have your gutters cleaned may depend on where you live and how many trees surround your house. All trees lose leaves and they can travel on the wind and often end up on a roof. They make their way into the gutters and can quickly clog the guttering.

If you live in an area that has trees or have a tree that overhangs your house, you should have your gutters cleaned twice a year. If you live in the city and trees aren’t a problem, you should have them cleaned at least once a year because they will still collect debris. Having gutters cleaned regularly will extend their life because leaves and debris in guttering can shorten the length of time guttering lasts. Flies and mosquitoes can breed in guttering, too, and having your gutters cleaned can reduce the number of flying pests on your property.

Why DIY gutter cleaning is not a good idea

If you have a single storey house on a flat surface, you may be able to work from a ladder and clean your gutters. If the land is sloping or you have a two storey house, you should not attempt to do DIY gutter cleaning. It can be a dangerous job, especially if you lean too far over on the ladder or don’t have a sturdy ladder that is tall enough for the job.

DIY gutter cleaning is possible, but a professional service can do much more for you. They are trained to notice defects in the roofing and if you need gutter guards, they know how to install them properly.

It’s up to you, but if you try DIY gutter cleaning, it should be on a simple site and hiring a gutter cleaning service at least once a year will give you the peace of mind of knowing your roof is in good repair.

Choosing a gutter cleaning service

Choose a service that can do as many jobs as you need doing. If you want your windows washed and some roof repairs, let one service do everything for you and save money. That’s not all you need to think about, though.

Gutter cleaning services don’t require a trade licence, but they should be professional. They should carry insurance and have a record of good service. They should be experienced and have a good safety record. You don’t want an accident on your property and a good service will take all necessary safety precautions. A good service will also have certificates to work at heights for all employees. The certificate proves they have been trained to work at heights and take all necessary safety precautions.

You also want to know how soon a service can come to your home and clean the gutters and do other jobs. A good service will have trained staff who can come quickly and do all necessary jobs quickly and efficiently.

How can you know a service has thoroughly cleaned your gutters? A good service will take before and after photos of the gutters. You can see for yourself how well they have done. A before photo will show leaves and debris in the gutters. An after photo will show clean gutters that will wash water straight down the downpipes.


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