Choose a service that can do as many jobs as you need doing. If you want your windows washed and some roof repairs, let one service do everything for you and save money. That’s not all you need to think about, though.

Gutter cleaning services don’t require a trade licence, but they should be professional. They should carry insurance and have a record of good service. They should be experienced and have a good safety record. You don’t want an accident on your property and a good service will take all necessary safety precautions. A good service will also have certificates to work at heights for all employees. The certificate proves they have been trained to work at heights and take all necessary safety precautions.

You also want to know how soon a service can come to your home and clean the gutters and do other jobs. A good service will have trained staff who can come quickly and do all necessary jobs quickly and efficiently.

How can you know a service has thoroughly cleaned your gutters? A good service will take before and after photos of the gutters. You can see for yourself how well they have done. A before photo will show leaves and debris in the gutters. An after photo will show clean gutters that will wash water straight down the downpipes.