How much gutter cleaning costs depends on a number of factors as no two jobs are the same. One job may cost around $100 and another job may cost over $450.

Some factors that may influence the cost of your gutter cleaning service could be:

  1. Is your house a single storey or is it a two-storey house? Two-storey houses generally cost more to clean because gutter cleaners cannot work as fast as they can on a single storey house. Gutter cleaners will also look at sloping land and hard to access guttering and base their prices on the estimated time it will take them to complete the job.
  2. Safety is another consideration. Sometimes the gutter cleaner will have to get on the roof and will need to wear a safety harness. They will work slowly on steep slopes and need to take every precaution against falling.

When you add up all the reasons why one gutter may cost hundreds of dollars more than another, the cost difference makes sense. A simple roof can be done fairly quickly while a more complex roof will take much longer to complete.

Gutter cleaners calculate their rates mainly based on their business set up.

Gutter cleaners have overheads like any other trade. They must carry both liability insurance and personal injury insurance for all their employees. They have vehicles to maintain and have more gutter cleaning materials than you might imagine, including safety gear, ladders and in some cases, they may need to install a safety net.

Their hourly rates will reflect their overheads and profits, but hourly rates won’t help you know how much cleaning the gutters of your house is going to cost. When getting quotes online, describe your guttering in as much detail as you can. If you have your house plans, you can find out how many metres of guttering you have or you may be able to measure the distance if you can do so easily.

Tell them if you have a single storey or two storey home and describe the roof configuration. For example, if the second storey is set back from the first storey, they will have to get on your roof and may need to use safety harnesses and other equipment to access the guttering.

Also tell them if your house is on a flat block or a sloping block. If it is on a sloping block, how steep is the slope?

The more details you give them will allow them to give you a more accurate initial quote. Get quotes from a few gutter cleaners and compare them, but remember you won’t get a firm quote until they have an opportunity to inspect the property.