Gutter cleaners do more than just clean gutters. A full-service gutter cleaner can also include:

  • Clear the roof and check for damaged tiles
  • Install gutter guards
  • Repair roofs
  • Flush out the downpipes
  • Remove and dispose of leaves and other debris in the guttering
  • Give a roof condition report
  • Bird proof guttering if needed
  • Clean a ceiling cavity

These are just some of the jobs a gutter cleaner can do. Some also do window cleaning, outdoor cleaning and other outdoor jobs. Not all gutter cleaners do all these jobs, so be specific about other jobs you want done besides gutter cleaning. It will be less expensive to have one service clean your gutters and windows and do roof repairs or install gutter guards. The reason for this is because they can work on site as long as it takes to finish the job and won’t have to charge an extra rate for travel and setup time.